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DentistFreedomBlueprintJohn Schaub is a prolific educator and writer with 40 years of experience investing in real estate. His book and annual investing seminar, Building Wealth One House at a Time, and Making it Big on Little Deals respectively, have given thousands of investors the tools needed to be successful. On this episode of Dentist Freedom BLUEPRINT, John shares how he’s developed a profitable investment portfolio and offers practical advice to help others get started.

John’s investment career began with a property management job in college and an unexpected commission earned when that property sold. Since then, John has developed a winning system to identify profitable properties and manage them so that he creates long-term relationships with paying tenants. He specializes in single family houses enjoying a balanced lifestyle that includes working just a few hours per week.

We talk about a wide range of investing topics and John provides helpful tips for investors who are looking to get started but may not have access to much-needed capital. You may also be surprised to discover that he has never borrowed money from a bank to finance any of his houses. Investing in one single family house at a time is a novel concept, but one that busy professionals should definitely consider.


Minute Markers:

  • 3:40 – How I first met John Schuab to get my start in real estate investing.
  • 9:37 – John’s management style and rental philosophy.
  • 11:52 – Why he doesn’t like to do property rehabs himself.
  • 113:20 – How John finds tenants that want to rent vs buy their own homes.
  • 15:00 – Tips for busy professionals who have concerns about investing in real estate.
  • 20:00 – How investing is single family houses responds to market cycles in real estate.
  •  23:00 – An overview of John’s seminar, Making it Big on Little Deals.
  • 23:57 – What investors can do when banks stop lending money.
  • 27:28 – How single family houses can create a 10-year retirement plan.
  • 32:00 – Why he avoids signing personal liability on mortgage loans.

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