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A Wakeup Call (My Story…)

Dr David Phelps, DDS








I was a broke 24-year-old dental student the day I convinced my Dad to become my real estate partner. We scraped together the money to buy an old, two-story brick house at an estate sale.

We followed a simple real estate rule: “Buy the worst house in a good neighborhood.”

I worked my fingers to the bone fixing that old house. I’ll never forget how good it felt listening to those keys jingle in my pocket.

Three years later, we split $50,000.00 in capital gain profit.

I’ve owned dozens of rental properties since that day. They’ve outperformed anything I’ve invested on Wall Street… ten-fold. That’s why I believe that a deed on physical property is worth far more than a piece of paper from Wall Street.

“Alternative investing has been my “plan B” ever since that first house I purchased back in dental school.”


It’s what kept me afloat during my daughter’s fight with cancer.

After many years of building a successful dental practice, I’ve realized that many professionals don’t have a plan B like mine. Most of them trade time for dollars…  (They are “dollar rich” but “time poor”…)

Their careers are like running on a treadmill… they’re wearing themselves out just to stay in place.

I started teaching what I’d learned. It was fun to see lives changed by freedom reborn. I sold my practice so that I could focus fully on helping people create their own personal wealth building blueprints.

That’s what I do today. I help dentists “get off the treadmill”.


Most folks can get their lives back in 5-7 years.

Some can do it even faster.

You’re probably closer than you think.