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This week, enjoy the second half of a fascinating interview with Dr. Howard Farran. We dig deeper into dental industry trends and how you can be better positioned for the future.

Howard joined us for our latest Freedom Founders Mastermind meeting and continued to provide a wealth of valuable information with his no-nonsense style and witty sense of humor.

Howard is a noted international lecturer who engages audiences with a unique approach to practicing faster, easier, more efficient dentistry. He delivers a highly sought after seminar: The Virtues of Profitable Dentistry – Running a Thriving Family Practice. Howard is an entrepreneur, the visionary creator of, and founder and publisher of Dentaltown Magazine. He is the go-to expert for all aspects of dental practice management.

In this episode, tackle topics pertinent to dentistry that extend beyond the practice walls. He shares why his children aren’t automatically college-bound. He explains why keeping an eye on costs in your practice and personal life leads to happier dentists. You’ll also learn time and money-saving hacks to increase your knowledge base.

Learning from Howard is like drinking from a firehouse. There is a ton of information packed into this episode. Howard’s advice will help you to build a more efficient and profitable practice.


Listen And Learn:

  • The one career category which Howard believes requires a college degree.
  • His four-finger test for determining whether a dental practice expense is worthwhile.
  • How private dental practices can survive against corporate clients and shrinking managed care costs.
  • How dentists can assess their businesses and hire associates to take advantage of potential growth.
  • Why he reads autobiographies written by billionaires.

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