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This week, we bring you an incredible interview with Dr. Howard Farran. For this episode, Howard joined us for our latest Freedom Founders Mastermind meeting and provided so much value that we had to split the conversation into two parts.

In this first part, you’ll meet the noted international lecturer who engages audiences with his unique approach to practicing faster, easier, more efficient dentistry. He delivers a highly sought after seminar: The Virtues of Profitable Dentistry – Running a Thriving Family Practice. Howard is an entrepreneur, the visionary creator of, and founder and publisher of Dentaltown Magazine. He is the go-to expert for all aspects of dental practice management.

Howard enjoyed success right out of dental school thanks to an early introduction to business. He incorporated the lessons learned from working with his father to create a thriving practice. He then turned that know-how into a thriving consulting and dental media company to help other dentists learn how to work on their business rather than working in it.

His 9-year-old son unintentionally introduced Howard to the concept of an online community in 1998. Since then, has blossomed into a supportive online community that operates under the premise that no dentist should operate alone.

Buckle up! This episode is jam packed with actionable solutions for dentists who want to transition from practitioners to entrepreneurs. You won’t want to miss Howard’s valuable insights and his entertaining style that will leave you wanting more.


Listen And Learn:

  • Why he advises dental students to pursue an MBA.
  • What the balance between clinical dental school and building business acumen should be.
  • The “from the grave” philosophy that helps him build a first class team.
  • How dentist can move beyond working in their practice to realize growth.
  • How successful dental entrepreneurs manage multiple practices.

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