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Jeff Dousharm is an author, speaker, entrepreneur coach, and marketing expert who will be a featured speaker at the upcoming Freedom Founder Mastermind meeting in Dallas. He is the Founder of Paradigm Impact Group, a training, coaching, and consulting company.

I invited Jeff to join me on the podcast today because I respect his abilities as an entrepreneur and his character as one who’s overcome major adversities to succeed in business and in life.

In  2008, Jeff faced a major health crisis and was given a grim prognosis. His experience forced him to revise his perspective on life and create systems that would allow him to work on his business while nurturing important relationships in his life. As a result, Jeff realized significant growth and has been able to open several different enterprises including a martial arts studio, tactical firearms training service, and a real estate development firm.

In this episode, Jeff discusses the components of leverage which allow business owners to dominate the competition. Enjoy a taste of the value Jeff will bring to the upcoming Freedom Founders Mastermind.


Listen And Learn:

  • How investment decisions in the right people will build an A-team for your business.
  • Why hiring people who are just like you can be a huge mistake.
  • How to interview applicants and find the best candidates.
  • How to empower your team and create loyalty that translates into economic growth.
  • Why you should hire team members with strengths in a variety of areas.

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