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One thing that is inherently important for every doctor and professional to be doing in their life is creating leverage to build wealth and income streams outside of the practice. On this episode of the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast, we delve into different tactics for discovering and taking advantage of good real estate investment opportunities in order to gain that leverage.

In order to bring you the road map for finding lucrative investment opportunities, Dr. David Phelps and Evan Harris share tips for finding stellar agents and having them come to you, discovering profitable leads and securing deals, even without having the a lot of time involvement. Listen in to find out how you can create that “Plan B” revenue and have that wealth ready to go when you’re ready to cut back on work and have options to retire.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to find great real estate investment opportunities.
  • How to acquire a property for the price you want.
  • The importance of finding active real estate agents.
  • How to find those rock star agents.
  • How you can get involved in real estate if you don’t have the time or capacity to generate leads.

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