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Did you know Brad Szollose gave a keynote presentation just for our members at our last event?

He was fantastic. So good, in fact, I decided to do an interview with him, just for you, since you couldn’t make it to the live event.

Here is Brad’s bio, in case you haven’t heard of him:

A recognized thought leader, entrepreneur, business coach, and speaker, Brad specializes in helping leaders transition from the industrial age to the information age.

Brad co-founded a company called K2 Design, Inc., which became the first dot com agency to go public. During his tenure at K2, the company experienced 425% growth and received the Arthur Andersen Enterprise Award for Best Practices for Fostering Innovation.

Brad is known as a web pioneer. He’s a Generation Y millennial expert and a sought after speaker on the matter. He’s also the award-winning author of the international bestseller Liquid Leadership: From Woodstock to Wikipedia.


Inside my interview with Brad:

  • Leadership in your business: all the rules changed.
  • How you can stand out from the rest in the saturated market.
  • Easy ways to find good staff for your practice.
  • Generation Y has different values and character – good or bad?
  • Getting Millennials to kick-butt for you, in your practice.
  • Bonus: The Netflix Story.

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