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DentistFreedomBlueprintThis week, Dr. David Phelps and Evan Harris continue on their mission to make a difference and show dentists how to create freedom in their lives and in their practices. In this wide-ranging conversation they begin by discussing the two phases of the Dentist Freedom Blueprint, practice and capital assets, and how creating freedom in your practice will pave the road to freedom in your life.

They also cover the “enemies” of freedom and what dentists can do to avoid them. Listen in for Dr. Phelps’ advice to help you start thinking about your life, practice and the work you do in a new way that you’ve never been shown before and position yourself to take advantage of opportunities around you. Check it out below…

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What the Dentist Freedom Blueprint is.
  • 2 phases of the Freedom Blueprint.
  • What dentists should be looking at to create freedom within their practice.
  • The importance of changing the way we think.
  • The major issues that hold us back from obtaining freedom.

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