The Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast


Volatile. Uncertain. Transitory.

All words used to describe our once great profession.

I’m diving into the current issues surrounding the field of dentistry, want to join me?

You’ll learn about the recent changes in health care and dentistry, what they’ve brought forth and the impact that has on your practice.

Discover how you can survive, even thrive, in the current uncertain conditions of health care and dentistry, and find out what you can start doing today to set your practice apart from the rest.


Get quick tips about…

  • Evolving regulation and its effects in modern healthcare and dentistry.
  • The difference in customer experience in private practice vs. corporate practice.
  • How corporate dentistry is able to serve prospects and clients on a higher level.
  • What corporate dentistry lacks in contrast with private practices.
  • Ideas for staying competitive in the current environment.

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