The Dentist Freedom Blueprint Podcast


True freedom touches every area of your life. Freedom in finances, in relationships and physical health. Freedom from your practice. The list goes on.

Each area requires specific strategy and implementation. At Freedom Founders we promote whole-life freedom, using a personalized Blueprint.

Today I’m zooming in on one of the important components of your Blueprint – systematizing your practice and synchronizing your team.

Working harder isn’t the answer.

Follow along here as I discuss the intricacies of running a practice, various business models, managing existing team members and hiring new ones, cross-training, systematizing and documenting processes.

Make sure that no one person holds “the keys to that castle” and learn how you can prevent a serious blow to your business.


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Easy ways to create systems and document processes.
  • A big mistake practice owners often make managing their team.
  • Tips for managing your existing team members and hiring new ones.
  • Protecting your practice from unforeseen disasters.

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