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Writer and pundit John Mauldin said “…smart money is getting out of Real Estate” in an article for Business Insider.

One of our members (a dentist in New York) found the article and shared it with me.

He raised an important question – “if huge investors are selling off their real estate investments, should we do the same?”

I’m diving into the cause and effect – why large investors and hedge fund managers decide to sell certain assets and what we can learn from their thought processes.

Someone always gets stuck holding the bag.

It doesn’t have to be you…


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Why and how institutional investors decide to sell assets.
  • Know when you should sell your real estate assets.
  • How the real estate market and rental income is related.
  • Legally avoid tax on the capital gain from a sale of a property.
  • Why I prefer single family real estate over commercial.

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