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This week on the Dentist Freedom Blueprint, we have a very exciting interview with Tom Olson. Tom is a part of the Collective Genius and Freedom Founders mastermind groups and has been in the real estate market for many years. He is the owner of Olson Property Real Estate Services, a company that provides various services to real estate investors in five different areas around the United States.

Tom joins the show to talk about the importance of creating a “Plan B” and why real estate is a great vehicle for achieving that goal. He also shares his blueprint for creating a Freedom Plan in your life and practice and how you can get started with the process.

Listen in as Tom and David discuss why you absolutely must know the “Why” behind your investing and how getting clear on it will guide you to the results you’re looking to achieve. You won’t want to miss this engaging interview with Mr. Tom Olson!


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Tom’s background, where he started in real estate, and where he is today.
  • The types of services Tom’s company provides to real estate investors.
  • What Tom refers to as the “Freedom Plan.”
  • The importance of knowing why you’re doing what you do.
  • How to protect your investments from market “resets.”

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