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The Christmas season is upon us.
A time to be thankful and grateful for all that we have.

The busyness of the season has a life all its own. A different energy…
A different focus. And that’s as it should be.

But December is also a great month to prepare your launch into the New Year!

Unfortunately, many people “write the month off”, procrastinating and putting off
decisions and action until after the 1st of the year.

Big mistake!

Setting aside a few hours of time to prepare, to discuss, and to forecast the next
year with the key players on your team can pay big dividends.

What were the wins in 2015? What is the vision for 2016?

How do you measure success and milestones in the next year? What’s your scorecard? What are your specific metrics? Is your team on board? Does everyone buy into the mission? (If not, you’ve got some work to do here for sure).

At Freedom Founders, our team is committed to its core values and mission – and because of our dedication, we also commit to doing the pre-work in advance
of a new quarter and a new year.


What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What it means to truly gauge how your business performed this year.
  • The importance of getting clear on your vision.
  • Ideas and tips for optimizing your business.
  • Why you need to get your team invested in your business and empower them.
  • How to create synergy within your practice.

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