Jeffrey Watson is an attorney who has been practicing active trial for more than 27 years. As a trial lawyer, he has a unique perspective on real estate investing, wealth building, and asset management protection. Today Jeff joins the show to discuss the current environment of real estate, how to use a self-directed IRA, and more.

Listen in as he explains what investors currently need to be aware of and why this next decade is going to be the most challenging for inventors that we have ever seen. You will learn what due diligence we as investors need to do, why you have to trust your gut, and what question you should always ask.

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Minute Markers:

  • 2:32 – An overview of Jeff’s background.
  • 5:34 – What we need to be aware of as investors today.
  • 11:05 – How this decade will be incredibly different from the last.
  • 16:07 – What due diligence we as investors need to do.
  • 20:25 – What can make a deal go sour.
  • 25:58 – The due diligence question you should always ask.

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