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Something that really frustrates dentists, doctors or business owners is trying to understand why clients and customers make the decisions that they do. Chris Moriarity explains how important behavior economics are and why it’s so incredibly helpful to understand it in order to understand your customers better. He lays out some simple steps you can take personally and with your practice to understand who you work with best and how to attract and communicate with those people in the most effective way.

Chris explains what behavior economics is exactly and how the way people make decisions on dentistry is different than how they make decisions with other things in life. He talks about how to better explain your procedures so people understand and value them better. Chris also describes what attribute priming is and how you can use it to help people see you and your practice in a certain way.


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 Minute Markers:

  • 1:55 – Introducing who Chris is and what he’s been involved in with the dentistry world.
  • 3:55 – The problem with having a lot of experience, knowledge and expertise.
  • 5:51 – How values differ and the way Chris helps dentists understand their patients.
  • 10:29 – What behavior economics are and how to help people understand what you’re offering them.
  • 13:15 – What cultivation theory is and how it leads people down the wrong thought path.
  • 18:48 – An important question to ask in order to differentiate your practice.
  • 23:12 – Two things you can do tomorrow that will make things better right out of the gate.
  • 25:03 – One mistake many dentists make with creating a treatment plan.
  • 29:45 – A common appearance issue dentists deal with and Chris’ advice regarding this.

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