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This week, we address a topic on the minds of many listeners – financial freedom. We dive into a real life case study of one doctor who’s made the transition to post practice life in a way that has set him up to generate active and passive income in retirement.

Many dentists, like Dr. J. (and not the basketball phenom), work hard building a practice over several decades. He was a solopreneur for 35 years, loved to travel, and was an avid golfer. However, when it came to planning for life after the practice, Dr. J. came to Freedom Founders and we helped him replaced his income within 18 months.

In this episode, we cover several alternatives that you’ll want to explore in order to develop multiple income streams. Financial freedom gives you options to run your practice in a manner that works best for you, your staff and your clientele. At Freedom Founders, doctors can be an active partner or just taking advantage of the passive income opportunities.

Listen in for more on just how Freedom Founders can help you!


Listen And Learn:

  • How Dr. J. replaced his income in 18 months with Freedom Founders.
  • Why your practice, clients, and team members benefit when you create a financially sound foundation before selling.
  • How real estate differs from investing in the stock market.
  • The various ways doctors can become involved in the real estate investment process.
  • What a Freedom Founders mastermind is all about how doctors benefit from being members.

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