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On this week’s episode, we had the honor of speaking with two of the most elite real estate investors in the nation — Frank Cava and Fred Lewis.

Frank and Fred were two of the few real estate investors and business operators savvy enough to foresee the market downturn in 2008. Today, they’re predicting the next trends in the real estate market and how you can stay ahead.

In this episode, we cover how these two leaders strategize to overcome a tumultuous market, especially as more people get into real estate and private lending. Fred and Frank also discuss how the government has managed interest rates, likely delaying some of the consequences of the market’s rebound.

Listen in for some wisdom and market forecasts from two top real estate experts!


Listen And Learn:

  • Why buying and holding onto properties might be your best real estate move today.
  • How tanking interest rates in 2001 mirror what’s occurring now, and what’s likely to happen next.
  • Frank and Fred’s predictions about unemployment, affordable housing, and inflation.
  • The importance of quality housing and renovations in a tightening market.

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