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DentistFreedomBlueprintOn this episode of Dentist Freedom Blueprint, Jeff Watson – attorney, real estate investor, and speaker – joins us to talk about his career in investing and lobbying for better real estate laws.

Jeff bought his first investment property in 1993 and has been active in the Ohio investment scene ever since. He has synthesized his expertise in law, real estate, and advocacy in his recent work to help pass House Resolution Bill 5301, which will impact real estate investors all over the country.

Jeff talks about how he got started, how he’s balanced practicing law and investing, and how his day-to-day work has changed over time. Jeff also shares how his personal philosophy (which is a little different than that of other investors) shapes his investment practices. Lastly, Jeff also mentions how you can get involved with the Seller Finance Coalition and help reform real estate laws in the United States.

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Minute Markers:

  • 9:33 – What got Jeff interested in real estate back in 1993.
  • 13:19 – How his tax accountant gave him a second great moment of clarity about investing.
  • 15:27 – Jeff’s final realization about how he could step up his real estate investment game.
  • 21:04 – How he brings different people together for deals that benefit each of them.
  • 22:07 – How Jeff handles the problem for many professional practitioners – redeploying your dollars.
  • 24:10 – Why it’s important to see every dollar as a worker to build your wealth.
  • 27:59 – Jeff’s advice about pumping up small dollar accounts, which he’ll be discussing later this year in Kansas City and Maryland.
  • 30:13 – What’s going on this year on Capitol Hill with the Seller Finance Coalition.
  • 31:23 – Why seller finance is a sophisticated tool that real estate investors should understand and like.
  • 33:47 – The goal of the bill H.R.5301, which should benefit investors and buyers alike.
  • 36:01 – How you can help get the bill passed!

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