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On this episode of Dentist Freedom Blueprint, we conclude the two-part interview about my life and investment experience with Cory Boatright of Real Estate Investing Profits Master Series podcast.

Listen in as I dig deep and tackle pointed questions about the challenges new investors will likely face. Cory and I also discuss the value of finding mentors and provide practical tips on when and how to seek out mentors that will help you achieve lofty goals.

However, this episode isn’t all business. We have fun covering lighter topics that will give you a chance to learn more about me.  I talk about the ups and downs of life, selling my practice, and why I now focus primarily on passive income.

This interview was a great and interesting experience where I enjoyed sharing my story, including the challenges I’ve experienced along this path to financial freedom. As Cory reminds us, the pain we experience can often become our source of power.


Minute Markers:

  • 3:30 – Advice for people who want to start investing in real estate.
  • 6:30 – Powerful business quotes and recommending reading for entrepreneurs.
  • 11:12 – A day in the life of Dr. David Phelps.
  • 15:45 – When and how to invest in working with a good mentor.
  • 17:30 – The stages of growth from survival to significance.
  • 20:57 – An overview of Freedom Founders.

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