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In today’s show, I get to talk with someone I greatly admire both as an entrepreneur and as a friend — Tony Rubleski.

This episode is full of nuggets of wisdom from Tony’s book Mind Capture. Tony interviewed hundreds of trailblazers from all walks of life and business for this book, and today, he distills their best lessons into advice for you and your entrepreneurial spirit.

But above all, this conversation reveals that the keys to success are traits that we all possess — we just have to act on them. Many of these trailblazers have endured hardships, divorce, and bankruptcy, yet they have still prevailed. So can you.

Tune in to this conversation for Tony’s inspiring entrepreneurial advice and infectious enthusiasm.


Listen And Learn:

  • How Tony and other trailblazers have been shaped by adversity.
  • The seven characteristics shared by all trailblazers.
  • How to mindfully leverage the relationships you make.
  • Why option-based thinking is a crucial part of successful entrepreneurship.
  • How to turn the many rejections you will hear into positivity and success.

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