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My friend Mike likes to tell them.

My friend Jeff has heard them all.

Sounds like a good combo, right?

I put both them together and recorded it for you.

Dr. Michael Abernathy is founder of Summit Practice Solutions, and Jeffrey Watson, esq. is a pricing attorney and real estate investor at Jeff Watson Law Firm.

They’re both wicked smart and have an unfair amount of experience…

Mike and Jeff melded minds to help us understand why most business partnerships smash up in a flaming wreck. And that’s just Part One.

The result is brain-er-gizing (energy for your brain. Look it up…).

In Part Two, they attack vetting potential partners – how you can easily navigate the treacherous waters of partnership.

Pretty cool stuff.


Listen And Learn:

  • The reason why most partnerships fail.
  • How to set up an exit strategy in a partnership
  • Which type of practice has the best chance of succeeding over the next 10 years.
  • Example structures for partnerships involving more than two people.
  • How to find a competent advisor to assist with partnership agreements.

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