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On this week’s episode of the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast, your hosts, Dr. David Phelps and Evan Harris, discuss why everyone should create systems in their practice to ensure that they can be replaced.

Today’s dentists need to hone their business skills in order to build a practice that can thrive in their absence. Developing this strategy can mitigate any impact to your business operations in the event of an emergency or free you up to pursue additional opportunities.

Listen in as David and Evan encourage dentists to work on their businesses rather than in it. You don’t want to miss this conversation so you can transform your practice from being just a job into one that leaves a legacy.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • What systems are necessary to make you replaceable
  • How to empower your patients and staff to continue in your absence
  • Why planning for the worst case scenarios is vital
  • The benefits of having a proactive transition strategy in place before emergencies strike
  • Why a practice not dependent on the owner is more valuable

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Get the Full Episode Transcript:

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