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Ah, the wonderful “Joint Venture”.

Joint Venture, n: A deal mutually benefitting two or more parties, usually providing points of leverage by combining individuals of different knowledge, backgrounds and skillsets.

An example:

Mr. Real Estate Dealer has been investing and working with properties in the Alabama market for 15 years. Think of those 15 years like dental school, only for real estate in Alabama. Are you ever going to know real estate in Alabama like Mr. RED?

You meet Mr. RED at Freedom Founders, develop a relationship and complete your due diligence. Now you have the opportunity to “joint venture” with Mr. RED and leverage his 15 years of deal-making experience.

Note: You should still learn about the deal and how it works. Jump on a plane and go visit Mr. RED, kick the bricks. Due diligence is always important, plus it can be fun!

Joint venturing with other good people, leveraging their time and expertise, changed my life. It set me free. It’s working for the several dozen members at Freedom Founders.

Need more? My friend Mr. Merv Plank and I just had a conversation about joint ventures.


Here are some of the questions we tackled:

  • Merv, how did you get involved in real estate?
  • Why is a turn-key investing solution so appealing?
  • How does that kind of service works?
  • What kind of protection of my investments can I expect?

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