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What are your patients saying about your practice?

I’m sure they’re saying nice things about you. You are nice, right?

What about the rest of their experience at your practice? Does your team treat every patient to excellent and friendly service, like you do?

My team didn’t. Once upon a time, before I started listening to coaches.

Meet Mr. John Formica. Known as the “Ex-Disney Guy,” John has spent over 25 years managing and supervising people in excellent service. Taking what he has learned from his career with Disney, John helps small business owners, entrepreneurs, and professional practice owners deliver a five-star experience.

John will be training our members this weekend, live in Dallas.


A Few Of The Things We’ll Discuss:

  • Why John thinks you need to be the “Un-dentist”.
  • What it means to “Create the Dream” from the leadership perspective.
  • The three secrets of Disney’s success.
  • Why Disney is so successful with hiring people.
  • John’s tips for building a great team.

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