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On this episode of Dentist Freedom Blueprint, we are very excited to welcome Jason Medley. Jason is a true estate market veteran and the founder and facilitator of The Collective Genius real estate mastermind.

Jason joins us to share his story of becoming an exceptional real estate guru and creating an exclusive high-caliber real estate mastermind group of which Dr. David Phelps is a part of. In this wide-ranging discussion David and Jason discuss what it takes to create a mindset of a business operator and how we, as dentists, can harness the power of relationships and create wealth through real estate. Listen in to find out what you can start doing today to start running your practice as a business and create freedom that you always dreamed of rather than being chained to the dentist’s chair for the rest of your life.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • Jason’s background.
  • How he became one of the early founding fathers of Transactional Funding.
  • How he founded The Collective Genius real estate mastermind.
  • The mindset of a real business operator.
  • Why the members of The Collective Genius mastermind say that the group is their insurance policy.
  • How a mastermind’s “Fire Drill” can protect your business from future disasters.
  • The incredible power of relationships.

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