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One of the major concerns of the dentists who own their practices is the competition that has arrived on the scene from corporate clinics. These big corporate practices often seem to grow quickly, with great success, often overshadowing private practices.

The training that dentists receive in professional practice management has always been all about our technical expertise alone. Unfortunately, business training, including marketing, communication, branding and sales conversion, has never been a part of that training. At the same time, many corporate clinics do an amazing job at branding and marketing themselves.  So what can private practice owners do in order to compete with those corporate practices?

In this episode, Dr. David Phelps and Evan Harris discuss the 3 main function of a business that every private dental practice absolutely must implement if they want to stay competitive in today’s environment. Join us for some game-changing tips that will help transform your practice into a viable, productive and profitable business.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • What private dental practices can do to compete with corporate clinics.
  • How to run your practice as a business.
  • A business owner’s mindset.
  • How to turn your team members to miniature “profit centers.”
  • The 3 main functions of any business.
  • The importance of becoming a visionary for your business.

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