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In this episode, we are joined by a third-generation dentist who has worked tirelessly to change the way patients experience dental care. After inheriting Spodak Dental Group in 2006, Dr. Craig Spodak immediately began to develop a new vision and has successfully created a modern practice that delivers comprehensive dental care.

Co-founder of the All-Star Smiles Foundation, Craig is a pioneer for eradicating childhood tooth decay. He was featured on the February 2017 cover of The Progressive Dentist magazine and named the 2012 Business Person of the Year by the Delray Beach Chamber of Commerce. He was also featured in Tony Robbins’ book, Unshakeable: Your Guide to Financial Freedom.

Today, Craig shares what inspired him to do something different with his practice, how to make your own practice thrive, and more. Tune in to hear it all now!


Minute Markers:

  • 5:12 – Where Craig found the inspiration to do something different.
  • 12:32 – How to get serious about looking at your practice as a business.
  • 15:33 – What makes a good leader.
  • 20:20 – The difference between achievement and fulfillment (and why it’s important not to confuse the two).
  • 24:14 – Why ROI isn’t the best dictator of good choices.
  • 27:54 – Ways to make your practice thrive even if you’re not in an affluent area.
  • 29:39 – How to outserve, outperform, and outdeliver the competition.
  • 31:27 – What patients really want.
  • 32:43 – Craig’s advice for young dentists to make those first few years really count.

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