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Parenting is challenging. These days, with technology, media, and all sorts of other distractions, it is easy to become disconnected from your kids. Our guest Dan Louzonis is here to talk about the strategies that work for raising exceptional kids.

Dan left school and began a high-paying finance career trading derivatives. In addition to working, he focuses on raising his children and teaching them advanced techniques for learning math. His children are now professional prodigies and on an unbelievable personal and professional trajectory.

He and his wife are obsessed with raising their kids to be as unique, advanced, and curious as possible. They firmly believe that public schools are antithetical to raising exceptional kids and encourage parents across the world to unlock their children’s potential.


Minute Markers:

  • 2:55 – Dan’s background and experience.
  • 10:10 – The undercover history of education and obedience.
  • 14:45 – Risks associated with a peer-centered culture.
  • 17:20 – How to raise an entrepreneur instead of a college kid.
  • 20:05 – Breaking through homeschool myths.
  • 23:50 – How to find someone to homeschool your children.
  • 28:00 – Why music education is so important for development.
  • 31:45 – How to improve retention for complex concepts.
  • 35:10 – Strategies for making homeschooling work for anyone.

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