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Retirement is chomping bites out of your lifestyle, if you’re like most retiring doctors.

The old plan “work hard and save” isn’t working. New results require new actions. But new can be scary, I know.

The secret? Don’t try to figure it out by yourself. I learned that one the hard way. May I introduce a friend? I think he can help.

Meet Dr. Dustin Burleson. (he has a good handshake, fyi)
Dustin gets it. (He founded the Advanced Wealth Attraction Academy. Cool, right?)

In April, I spoke to his group of practice owners. We talked about passive cashflow creation, wealth attraction in practice and more. Too much fun.

It was so good, I knew you would be sad if we didn’t share.


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • The changes in work ethic and ambition in the last few generations.
  • Why so many dentists are looking at a massive cut in their retirement income.
  • How to move from money doesn’t grow on trees mentality to attracting wealth.
  • Dr. Burleson’s key lessons from his Advanced Wealth Attraction Academy.
  • Why so many people fail to do the things they claim they want.

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