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Our today’s special guest is Rob Shallenberger, the co-founder and CEO of Becoming Your Best Global Leadership. He is a highly sought-after top trainer and speaker. Rob has taught seminars for numerous organizations and Fortune 500 companies all around the world. He is an author of How to Succeed in a High School, and his company just released a book titled Becoming Your Best: The 12 Principles of Highly Successful Leaders.

We invited Rob to the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast to share his inspiring story and how the epiphany he had at the age of 16 has led him to become a fighter pilot. In this wide-ranging conversation David and Rob discuss an array of engaging topics around becoming your best self, such as what to do next after you accomplish your vision, why we can’t reach that freedom and security for our families the conventional way, and how to overcome years of negative programming. Rob also shares how he helps people who, over the years, have gained a great skill set, but lost their mindset,  passion, and fire that they once had. Don’t miss this motivational episode!


What You’ll Learn From this Episode:

  • Rob’s incredible journey of success.
  • The epiphany Rob had at the age of 16 that gave him clarity of vision.
  • The three questions that will help you find your vision.
  • The importance of always continuing to grow.
  • The power of negative programming.
  • How you can move past your negative programming.
  • What separates top performers from the rest.
  • Transformational leadership vs. transactional leadership.

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