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Are you waiting for the economy to “get better”?

Regardless of our political viewpoints or who we think is responsible for where our country and economy are today, complaining about those issues doesn’t do us any good. We can moan and whine or we can look for opportunities created by the chaos and turbulence.

There are always going to be cycles and turbulence in the marketplace. When we accept that change is inevitable, we can adopt a new mindset and start taking advantage of this chaos.

On this episode of the Dentist Freedom Blueprint, Evan Harris and I address the four main issues that dentists face in their practice – domestic strife, Obamacare, diminished consumerism, and higher taxes.

Discover what you can do today to combat these issues and create new opportunities in your life and practice.

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What You’ll Learn From This Episode:

  • How to find and create opportunities despite a turbulent economy.
  • What you can do to differentiate your practice.
  • How to attract the right clients for your practice.
  • How to respond (rather than react) to higher taxes.
  • Tips for using debt as leverage during times of inflation.

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