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Have you ever thought about creating an in-house membership program for your practice? With over half of Americans lacking dental insurance, it’s something that deserves some serious consideration. Today’s guest, Jordan Comstock, is here to explain why.

With over a decade in the dental industry under his belt, Jordan has seen the benefits of in-house membership programs firsthand. He first heard about the concept from clients at his family’s dental lab—where he built a sales and marketing department from scratch and helped grow its revenue by 165%—and began sketching out a system to manage this type of program. The result was the initial design for BoomCloud, a software that helps dental offices create, organize, and automate in-house memberships.

Listen in to hear how these programs work, the benefits they offer, and how you can go about getting started creating one today.


 Minute Markers:

  • 4:15 – How in-house membership programs work for dental patients.
  • 4:58 – The benefits of membership programs.
  • 8:00 – How these programs can help increase case acceptance.
  • 13:35 – A common problem Jordan sees among dentists’ profit margins.
  • 17:13 – Advice for what language to use when advertising in-house membership programs. (Hint: Don’t call it dental insurance.)
  • 20:55 – How BoomCloud helps dental practices track their membership programs.
  • 22:15 – The importance of tracking your numbers.
  • 24:42 – Resources for learning more about BoomCloud.
  • 26:25 – The cost and onboarding process for signing up for BoomCloud.

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