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Have you hit that point in your career and practice where you’re wondering what’s next? Daniel Sage joins me on the show today to share his evolution from clinical practice to exiting and figuring out what’s next for him. He sheds light on his experience selling his practice, going through Freedom Founders, and understanding the options and passions that contributed to his “next.”

Listen in as Daniel takes us on a deep dive into how the selling process improved his practice and gave him opportunities to add value. You will hear about what he learned from Freedom Founders and his parents that helped him and his wife get on the same page and navigate freedom, purpose, and their path forward.

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Minute Markers:

  • 0:57 – Who Daniel is and the milestones he has hit with his practice and life.
  • 2:46 – How he developed and grew his practice—and dealt with the selling process in the midst of COVID.
  • 7:02 – How the sale process benefitted him and his practice.
  • 10:43 – The positives and negatives of the selling process.
  • 13:02 – How Daniel did accounting and how it changed during the sales process.
  • 19:25 – The scary part of a business sale and why he joined Freedom Founders.
  • 25:05 – How important it is to come together as a couple when navigating important transitions.

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