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This week our guest is Freedom Founders mastermind member, Dr. John Harasin. John is currently in the process of selling his practice in Michigan after being a dentist for 36 years. After a financial advisor’s mistake caused him to lose money,  John decided to regain control of his investment management and wealth building process. He came to Freedom Founders looking for a better way to increase his net worth and generate passive income.

For the past year and a half, John has been an active member of the Freedom Founders mastermind. He shares his initial experience getting started with and understanding the opportunities available to the group. John has spent time getting to know the boots-on-the-ground investors in various parts of the country and will discuss how he came to know and trust in the quality of investment opportunities presented by Freedom Founders’ advisors.

In just eighteen months, John and his wife have completed over 50 deals. This once skeptical novice who’d lost money investing in real estate on his own is now an experienced investor enjoying a dependable passive income stream. As John mentioned, he followed the expert advice of the Freedom Founders advisors and enjoys receiving rent checks every month without having the hassle of managing a large portfolio of properties all over the country.

Listen to John’s remarkable experience and decide if Freedom Founders is the right next step in your plan to achieve financial freedom.

Minute Markers:

  • 1:00 – Why John decided to take his financial plan in hand.
  • 6:00 – How John first connected with Freedom Founders.
  • 8:05 – John’s initial experience working with Freedom Founders advisors.
  • 10:16 – An example of the boots on the ground investors that John and his wife visited in person.
  • 12:48 – John’s hot seat experience at Freedom Founders.
  • 14:09 – How to diversify your real estate investments.
  • 15:10 – The hardest part of getting started with investing in real estate.
  • 17:56 – Advice for dentists who may feel they are behind schedule or need to make up time in implementing a financial plan.
  • 20:40 – Changes in John’s life since finding Freedom Founders.

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